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Stress Management

Relieve stress with a variety of safe and effective holistic health options at Lawrence Acupuncture. Stress stored in the body and years of unhealthy emotional patterns of dealing with stress is a major contributor to chronic illness, accelerated aging and loss of quality of life. We also help to coach our patients on establishing healthy patterns in their day to day lives, often making specific herbal, dietary and/or lifestyle recommendations unique to each patient.

Physical Symptoms of Long-Term Stress

  • Excess sweating and nervousness
  • Headaches and jaw tension
  • Chronic stomach pain and irritable bowel symptoms
  • Frequent colds and flus
  • Muscle tension and joint pain
  • Insomnia and low sexual drive
  • Rapid heart rate and chest pain

Emotional Symptoms of Long-Term Stress

  • Constant worry, anxiety and racing thoughts
  • Feeling overwhelmed, agitated or frustrated
  • Low self-esteem and depression
  • Avoiding others and social situations

Relieve Stress with Acupuncture

Acupuncture relaxes the body, reduces stress hormones, balances blood sugar, supports balanced hormones, and regulates the blood pressure and heart rate. Many of our clients feel as relaxed as if they had just had an hour massage after resting with the needles for 15- 30 minutes minutes, and the effects often last much longer.


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Lawrence Acupuncture Stress Management

Lawrence Acupuncture Stress Management