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"Enlighten Me" Effortless Weight Loss Program

The Enlighten Me wellness package is designed for those who have struggled with typical weight loss programs and are looking for life long skills to establish a healthy relationship with their body and with food without "dieting".

The educational program includes our unique 6 week Effortless Weight Loss Lifestyle curriculum, which is based on Daoist and 5 Element theory and the wisdom of Eastern Medicine - it's geared to help students have a deeper understanding of organ health, how to balance blood sugar, teaches skills to manage stress eating, how to eat with the seasons, and so much more! In additional to the Effortless Weight Loss Lifestyle Program, we include 10 Abdominal Acupuncture Sessions to promote the mobilization of visceral fat, improve digestion and elimination, and reduce cravings. These 10 sessions are booked 2 x a week for 5 weeks to get the targeted results you are looking for! 

Cost is $950 and includes:

1) 10 Abdominal Acupuncture Sessions (Value $850)

2) 6 Week Effortless Weight Loss Lifestyle Program (Value $200)


Lawrence Acupuncture Integrative Health Clinic

841 New Hampshire St.  Lawrence, KS 66044

(785) 371-1141

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