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Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture uses hair-thin, flexible needles, inserted into specific points on the body to activate the body's own healing powers. Learn More >

Herbal Medicine and Dietetics

Chinese herbology is a powerful system that uses natural medicinals to treat numerous common complaints. Learn More >


We are happy to now offer Osteopathic Manipulation and Orthopedic Massage.  Other Oriental medical modalities that I use include moxibustion, tui na bodywork and cupping. Learn More >

Spa Treatments

In collaboration with Merkaba Wellness Center and Spa, Lawrence Acupuncture is now offering high quality spa treatments that feature unique combinations of massage, aromatherapy, facials, and facial rejuvenation acupuncture. Learn More >

What We Offer

  • A comprehensive Health History and review of systems to get an overall understanding of your body, constitution and current health issues, to see if we can help.
  • A Chinese medical examination, including tongue, pulse, and abdominal diagnosis, to help pinpoint the areas of dysfunction and then determine a treatment plan to restore function and correct the imbalance. We may also utilize range of motion tests, orthopedic tests, muscle group testing, palpation of trigger points, or lab analysis depending on your individual needs.
  • An educational program over your first 3-4 visits designed to inform you about your body, how your particular issues may have developed according to Chinese Medical theory, and how Oriental Medicine works and can be utilized to its fullest to regain health.
  • Individualized treatments that incorporate Acupuncture, Bodywork, Herbs, and Dietary and Lifestyle counseling specific to you and your condition that will optimize your results and aim to restore function and address the root cause of imbalance.
  • Programs for Weight Loss, Purification, Blood Sugar Balancing, Addiction Recovery and Fertility.
  • We also offer lectures, workshops and screenings on various topics to the community at large to educate and inform the public on health and well being and the benefits of Chinese Medicine.

Lawrence Acupuncture Integrative Health Clinic

841 New Hampshire St.  Lawrence, KS 66044

(785) 371-1141

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Lawrence Acupuncture Herbal Medicine and Dietetics

Lawrence Acupuncture Herbal Medicine and Dietetics