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Qi Gong Class Descriptions

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Morning Medical Qi Gong/Tai Chi Flow

Ongoing, Monday and Wednesdays 9-10am starting Oct 24th 2022.

This is an entire movement cosmology that comes from an ancient lineage of Daoist wisdom, that revolves around the changing of the seasons and five element theory. There are 3 main components to our practice:

Structural - we explore our structure/foundation with a variety of standing postures, stability/balance exercises and visualizations.
Somatic - a dynamic moving practice that includes gentle stretches and meditative movements that are designed to work on 3 levels of the body:
A)  the external body such as muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and pelvic floor

B) the highly complex network of light-Qi-energy-life force flowing through the meridian system, both the superficial and deep pathways and 

C) the energetic, emotional and physical components of the visceral organs, the ZangFu organs.

Breathwork - we incorporate a variety of breathing techniques and meditation practices in order to expand our awareness to the more etheric aspects of Self: we cultivate Qi, calm the heart-mind, improve vagal tone, and ground and connect our bodies with all pervading universal Life Force. 

Benefits of this practice include strengthening of your life force, immunity, flexibility, balance, and longevity while reducing stress and quieting the mind.

The class is appropriate for beginners and people of all fitness levels. The Tai Chi portion of the class is a simple, non-intimidating meditative practice introducing the foundational moves for Yang Style Tai Chi 13 and 24.

All classes are offered in-person at Yellow Brick Yoga studio located at 1410 Kasold Dr Ste A1, Lawrence, KS 66049. Classes are also available virtually as a live stream. Sign up easily through our website or using the MindBody app.

Cost: Sliding scale from $10 - $20. You decide what you can afford. Average offering is $15-$20.

Buy 10 class punch card for $100, $150, or $200. If you are abundant financially, please consider the upper range to support those who have less. 


MythoSomatic Qi Gong

6 Week Series on Anxiety, Grief and Trauma Nov 13-Dec. 18th, Sunday at 12pm

MythoSomatic Qi Gong is a tool of sensitivity, designed to poetically move us towards a psychospirital place of health, resilience and beauty. A fundamental concept of these practices is that mythos (personal, cultural, and ancestral mythologies or stories) and soma (the felt experience of the body's materiality) combine in highly attuned choreographed movements to draw the body and the soul toward one another. These classes introduce the student to concepts of Post-Daoism, a unique and modern take on classical or inherited Daoism.  

3 Pillars Qi Gong For Anxiety, Grief and Trauma -  This form, in its various iterations, was created in response to the modern epidemic of anxiety and trauma, with an understanding of the way that “biographical” trauma intersects with how the “infosphere” has colonized modes of self-sovereignty and human freedom. This series focuses on three essential stages of healing the “shatterment” of the Jing-Qi bridge, which is the passage between one’s destiny and one’s capacity to express it. The three pillars are “Parasympathis,” a coinage describing the active process of calming the nervous system; Neurogenesis, creating new neural pathways of Qi; and Reintegration, or the preparation of the field of qi for experience. This form embodies the understanding that the imagination is at the foundation of healing.

Cost: Sliding scale from $10 - $20. You decide what you can afford. Average offering is $15-$20.

Buy 10 class punch card for $100, $150, or $200. If you are abundant financially, please consider the upper range to support those who have less. 

We don't use paid marketing and very little social media, so this class is community dependent! Please pass along the information if you know someone who could benefit. Thank you for supporting my livelihood.


Are looking for a more regular practice? Would you like recordings of the forms so you can practice at home? Does it sounds exciting to have handouts to help you remember the 5 Element theory as we move through the seasons? Would weekly inspiring audio lectures be supportive? Would you enjoy being part of an online community of practitioners? Are you interested in becoming a certified Qi Gong instructor?

Get access to a HUGE online library of video, inspiring audio lectures, meditations and handouts. Both of these programs include a live Qi Gong immersion workshop with our affiliate school Zen Wellness AND unlimited local classes with Shahida! We have two program options for you!

Journey Around the Sun (1 year program, 100 hrs)

Master's Path Qi Gong Program (2 year program, 200 hrs)

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Qi Gong Class Descriptions - Lawrence Acupuncture in Lawrence, KS