Medical Qi Gong

Medical Qi Gong is an ancient Daoist moving and meditation practice designed to improve immunity, flexibility, balance, and longevity while balancing the internal organs and reducing stress and quieting the mind.

5 Element Medical Qi Gong

5 Element Medical Qi Gong is designed to help your body attune to the natural rhythms of nature as we pass through the seasons. You will be introduced to basic 5 Element theory (according to Chinese Medicine), Daoist philosophy and alchemy practices, breathing and meditation throughout the course. This series is perfect for beginners of all ages and is appropriate for all fitness levels.

The health benefits of practicing Medical Qi Gong are plenty, including:

  • Increased balance and stability
  • Improved ROM of the joints
  • Decreased cortisol levels and stress hormones
  • Greater homeostasis in the body
  • Activates immune function
  • Strengthens and tones the muscles
  • Improves circulation of blood and lymph
  • Regulates the breath and oxygenates the body

First class is free for new attendees.  All classes held at Lawrence Acupuncture 841 New Hampshire St.

$10 per class or 10 class pass for $80. Reservations are highly recommended as space is limited!

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