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                Small Business Saturday                  Gift Card and Herb Sale

Saturday November 24th

Lawrence Acupuncture Small Business Saturday

Give the Gift of Health this Holiday Season and Support your Local Acupuncturist and Herbalist at the same time!

Stop by to pick up a unique herbal gift, gift card, check out our new office space at 841 New Hampshire and have a nice cup of hot tea while you are at it!

New Patient Special (3 sessions) for $180 (Save 25%)
Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture $85 (Save 10%)
Ultimate Pain Relief Treatment $70 (Save 20%)
Ultimate Stress Relief Treatment $70 (Save 20%)

Gift Cards can also be purchased online until Dec 15th HERE.


15% OFF ALL CBD PRODUCTS (Prime my Body Hemp Oil and CBD Clinic ProSPort)

15% FACIAL REJUVENATION GIFT PACKAGE (includes AcuLIft Dermal Roller, Jade Roller, and Golden Sunshine Anti-Wrinkle Serum)

%15 OFF IMMUNE BOOST HERBAL PACKAGE ( 2 Oz. Herbal Flu Shot Tincture and Host Defense MyCommunity Comprehensive Immune Support, 120 Caps)

Limited Supplies for Herbal Products - Gift Cards will Continue to be on Sale online and in store until December 15.

5 Element Medical Qi Gong - Winter/Water

Lawrence Acupuncture 5 Element Medical Qi Gong - Winter/Water

Medical Qi Gong is an ancient Daoist moving and meditation practice designed to improve immunity, flexibility, balance, and longevity while balancing the internal organs and reducing stress and quieting the mind.

5 Element Medical Qi Gong is designed to help your body attune to the natural rhythms of nature as we pass through the seasons. You will be introduced to basic 5 Element theory (according to Chinese Medicine), Daoist philosophy and alchemy practices, breathing and meditation throughout the course. This series is perfect for beginners of all ages and is appropriate for all fitness levels.

First class is free for new attendees.  All classes held at Lawrence Acupuncture 841 New Hampshire St. $10 per class or 10 class pass for $80. Reservations are highly recommended as space is limited!

Wednesdays November 14 - December 19th  5-6pm (no class on Nov 21st)

Fridays November 15 - December 21st 9am - 10am (no class on Fri Nov 23)

Reserve your class HERE!



Lawrence Acupuncture Grand Re-Opening

Come join us for some incredible art by the talented Tay Cambria Art and some sweet sounds from the folk duo Mourning Ritual.

There will be homemade chocolates, mulled wine, and herbal tea to share.

Shop for loved ones and save on gift cards for acupuncture and bodywork (10-25% off) and unique herbal gifts and CBD products (all 15% off).

Celebrate with Lawrence Acupuncture the big changes happening at our new storefront location!

Bio for Tay Stark (aka Tay Cambria Art)

Born in small town Kansas, Tay grew up eager to express their own individuality in what was a homogenous environment. Tay sought solace in art, writing, and learning. They came to Lawrence to study Art History at the University of Kansas, and soon realized their love for the Russian language as well. Tay enjoys painting and drawing all kinds of subject matter from portraits to fantasy landscapes. They also like to include symbolism having to do with trauma, queerness, and politics.

Bio for Mourning Ritual
Mourning Ritual is a Lawrence, KS based female duo with ethereal spooky folk presence.


5 Element Medical Qi Gong - Free Series

Lawrence Acupuncture 5 Element Medical Qi Gong - Free Series

Pediatric "Tuina" Wellness Massage

Saturday Dec. 16th 10am-11am

Tuina (literally translates as "to push, to grasp") is a style of massage that is widely used in China and Japan, and is a gentle and yet powerful way to:

  • boost your child's immune system
  • improve circulation and meridian flow
  • stimulate organ growth and development
  • stimulate the lymphatic system and strengthen the Wei Qi or defensive Qi

If your child gets sick frequently or suffers from other immune challenges such as allergies, eczema, asthma, or has digestive upset this technique is invaluable!  It is also a wonderful way to bond with your child and promote healthy growth and development. Ideal for newborns - age 5yrs old.  Please bring a blanket and a favorite toy.  

Limited Space - Prior Registration Requested - Sliding Scale $5-15

Register HERE.

Living the Dao: Effortless Weight Loss with Chinese Medicine

Thursdays January 4th - February 8th, 6-7pm

This 6 Week Course is a Beginner's Introductory Course to the Daoist understanding of Health, Weight Loss, Nutrition and Basic Qi Gong Exercise.  Have you tried restrictive diets, fasting, counting calories, and still seem to struggle with finding a healthy weight? If you have are ready for a major shift in the way you view your body, your relationship with food, and how to achieve optimal health this is a great class for you! Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a powerful new way to look at your constitution so you can work with yourself and not against it. Each week will focus on each of the 5 Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as nutritional and emotional aspects associated with each Organ System, mindfulness practices, Qi Gong exercises and many recipes will be shared!

Limited Space - Prior Registration Requested - Sliding Scale $100-150

Register HERE.

The Biochemistry of Love:                                          Herbal Aphrodisiacs & Adaptogens

Saturday, February 10th 3pm-6pm

Dive deep into this dynamic, hand-on intensive workshop to discover the biochemistry behind feelings of love, arousal, connection, and the medicinal plants that can aid us in these healthy and important processes.  We will look in-depth at six different powerful aphrodisiac herbs, the phytochemistry of how they work in the body, contraindications, and practical ideas for application. We will finish the class with sampling yummy teas, hand-crafted herbal chocolates, and finally making our very own Damiana Cordial to take home! (Value $20)

Space is Limited - Prior Registration Requested - Sliding Scale $35-50

Register HERE.

BODY REBOOT with Nutrition + Acupuncture  


I want to help you TRANSFORM your life and your health!
The combination of Acupuncture with Nutrition and Whole Food supplements is a POWERFUL way to target specific areas of the body that may be imbalanced and blocking your ability to lose weight, feel energized, enjoy optimal health.

I have carefully crafted three unique programs, combining Standard Process whole food supplements with acupuncture and one-on-one nutritional consultations to be able to fit each person and their unique needs and specific health goals. The 10 Day and 21 Day Purification programs are all designed to accomplish 3 things:

1) Reduce overall inflammation in the body by eliminating inflammatory foods and replacing them with whole foods nutrition. Foods will be slowly reintroduced back into the diet, helping to identify food sensitivities. 

2) Promote weight loss by teaching participants how to shop for, cook and enjoy a real, whole foods diet rich in fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, clean proteins and smart carbohydrates. Far from a "fad" diet, this program teaches participants a sustainable way of eating that naturally balances blood sugar, controls cravings, is anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense and will be of benefit for a lifetime and for the whole family.

3) Enhance liver detoxification through the use of diet and herbs that help the body to clear toxins which tend to store and accumulate in the fatty tissues of the body, as well as enhance the metabolism of hormones. Liver health is essential in many functions of the body, and is especially important in hormonal health.  

There are 3 different programs to choose from, and each program INCLUDES acupuncture treatments and nutritional counseling so that each individual has customized recommendations, expert guidance from beginning to end, and bodywork and acupuncture to support and enhance the effects of the program.

It is essential that each participant has the tools, guidance, and assistance needed to truly succeed. If there is any doubt as to which program is best suited for you, please contact Lawrence Acupuncture at (785) 371-1141 or contact us HERE.

Detox: Fact or Fiction?

There is a lot of hype these days with constant talk about cleansing, detox, elimination diets, etc. But what does detoxification in the body really mean? Are we constantly detoxing or do we need to go through special efforts to "cleanse" our system? Come find out everything you ever wanted to know (and more) at this Detox 101 class, including some take home recipes.

This is a great preparation class for anyone interested in the 21-Day Purification Program, an amazing way to reset your hormones and metabolism.

Special Purification Package Discounts (combining acupuncture, a supplement and herbal program, and nutritional consultations) will be offered for those attend!

*This is a FREE event!*

March 6th 6-7:30pm at River City Chiropractic                                                Find the Facebook Event Page HERE

The Biochemistry of Love and Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Saturday, Feb. 11th   9am-12pm

Lawrence Acupuncture Free Class - The Biochemistry of Love and Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Dive deep into this dynamic, hands-on intensive to discover the biochemistry behind love, arousal, connection, and the medicinal plants that can aid us in these completely natural and healthy processes. We will look in-depth at six different powerful aphrodisiac herbs, the phytochemistry of how they work in the body, contraindications, and practical ideas for application. We will finish the class with smelling, tasting and finally making our own Damiana Cordial to take home. Class is taught by Shannon Ryan, Professional Herbalist and Licensed Acupuncturist.

Class is hosted by The Merkaba Wellness Center, 841 New Hampshire St. Lawrence KS

Note: While beginners are welcome, content is most suitable for attendees with some basic knowledge of herbal medicine.
~ $35 ~
*Space is Limited and Pre-Registration is Required*
*Call Lawrence Acupuncture (785) 371-1141 to register or book online**

To Book Online Click Here!

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