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Lawrence Acupuncture 21 Day Purification Program 

28 Day Detox Balance

The 28 Day Purification Program will suit those looking for a whole body reboot, enhancing liver detoxification, resetting hormones, stimulating metabolism, promoting weight loss and reducing overall inflammation in the body.  Studies show the 28 Day Purification Program also promotes cardiovascular health by positively affecting weight and cholesterol (RESEARCH STUDIES HERE)28The program consists of a whole-foods diet plan along with specific nutritional and herbal supplements to promote weight loss, reduce inflammation, enhance liver detoxification and reset hormones. A consultation before you begin will allow us to specifically tailor the program to your individual needs - there is not a one size fits all cleanse, and this program is customizable to suit your health goals and needs.

Not sure if you could benefit from a 10 or 28 Day program? Take the Toxicity Questionnaire HERE.

Cost is $275 and includes:

1) Whole-food supplements and herbs from Standard Process (Value $250)

2) Program guide and purification cookbook (Value $15)

3) Two 30 min. nutritional consultations - before and after (Value $100)


Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program: Patient Brochure

Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program: Program Guide

Standard Process Purification App


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